VIAN 0.5.0 - 0.5.3


Attaching Files to Annotations and Segments

It is now possible to simply drag-and-drop any kind of File into VIAN Segments or Annotations in the Timeline

Automatic Segmentation

VIAN can now automatically generate Segmentations based on Color-Features, using Agglomerativ Clustering. For more information read here: Auto Segmentation

Merging Segments

Cutting Segments has already been introduced in 0.4.7, by now, merging Segments can be performed in the Timeline as well.

In combination with the Automatic Segmentation, the Segmentation Workflow can now be changed. Starting off with creating an automatically generated Segmentation, and manually correcting it using the Merge and Cut Tool.

For more information, read here: Merging Segments

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Importing Screenshots

Since VIAN uses the exact Frame Positions of Screenshots frequently, the import of Screenshots had been missing for quite a while due to the problems that arise from finding a Screenshot in a complete film.

With 0.5.0 VIAN does now offer to import Screenshots into an existing Project. The Pixel-Size of the Screenshots does not have to match the Movie Size.

Feature Plots

The FilmColors Visualizer does now implement the Feature Plot, which might give useful insights about the distribution of Keywords in one film.

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Sub Corpora

It is now possible to create Sub Corpora in the FilmColors Visualizer, filter out the films which are not selected. You can find the CorpusManager in the FilmColors Visualizer in Windows/CorpusManager.

Extensive List

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  • OSX Error in Streaming solved (0.4.6)

  • Checking Project integrity on Start-Up (0.4.7)

  • FeaturePlot Export (0.5.3)

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