VIAN 0.4.5 - 0.4.7


Analyses - Visualization

The Analyses Visualizations have been implemented in their basic form. This mean: You can now run analyses, and view them. Read more about how to use them here: Running Analyses and here: Viewing Analyses.

Analyses - Mosaic Vis

It is now possible to perform Mosaic Plots using VIAN Analysis Interface. Read more about Analyses and how to perform them here: Analyses

map to buried treasure


VIAN now allows you to perform backups of a Project semi-automatically. Read more about creating and loading backups here: Backups

Cutting Segments

Segments can now be cutted in the Timeline using the Cutting Tool A Step-By-Step Tutorial can be found here: Cutting Segments

map to buried treasure

Extensive List

  • Accuracy in Timeline increased, no borders should be visible now.

  • Increased stability during loading and closing of projects.

  • Moved the VLC player into it’s own window, creating much more reliable Player Interface

  • Pipeline Import

  • Filemaker Data Import finished, the correct vocabularies have to be created though

  • Backups implemented

  • Cutting Segments (and Merging) implmeneted

  • Synchronous Save and Load of Stream

  • Subtitles can be chosen again