VIAN uses Perspectives to give you the necessary tools for a specific step of your workflow. You can think of it as predefined Window-Configurations: Suppose, for example, you wanted to get an overview over the screenshots you’ve taken sofar. Instead of manually deactivating Windows you don’t need for that (e. g. the Player Controls etc.) and activating the ones which would be helpful (e. g. the Inspector etc.), you would simply hit ALT+4 and go into the Screenshot Perspecitve, where there are the relevant Windows pre-defined.

Currently, there are six Perspectives implemented in VIAN which can be selected with ALT-1 (2, 4, 5, 6, 7). each of these have a distinct purpose.

Player Perspective (ALT+1)

The Player Perspective removes all UI-Elements, allowing to have the full screen displaying the current movie.

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The Player Persepctive.

Standard Perspective (ALT+2)

The Standard Perspective rearranges all the elements to the state when the program is started. Timeline, Outliner, Inspector and the Toolbars.

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The Standard Perspective.

Screenshot Perspective (ALT-4)

The Screenshot Perspective shows all screenshots token so far in a big window on the left side, on the right sight are thi Inspector and Outliner modules.

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The Screenshot Perspective.

Classification Perspective (ALT-5)

The Classification Perspective focuses on the classification widget including the Timeline on the right side, while on the left are the video-Player and the Screenshot widget.

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The Classification Perspective.

Analysis Perspective (ALT-6)

The Analysis Perspective provides the widgets used for analysing the colors of a selected entity (e.g. sreenshot etc.), which is being displayed in the Inspector beneath the Outliner on the left.

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The Analysis Perspective.