The Timeline is used for all modifications of the VIAN project that is directed to time-dependent entities and as such the a major component of the UI. Use the Timeline to create and modify Segments and Segmentaion- and Screenshot- Layers.

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The Timeline of VIAN.

Indicated in the image above are:

  • 1: Tools for manipulating Segmentations resp. Segments:

  • The Selection Tool selection_tool is simply for selecting a Segment, to e.g. view its properties in the Inspector or moving its bounderies. Tip: to move the bounderies of both adjoining segments, press SHIFT and move then the border.

  • The Splitting Tool splitting_tool is for splitting a existing Segment apart, e.g. when you realize that a Segment isn’t coherent regarding its colorpattern. As you move the Splitting Tool over the Segment, you see in the Player at which frame you are at, so you can split the Segment right away at the correct point, so you don’t have to adjust it afterwards.

  • The Merging Tool merging_tool is for merging two Segments into one, this is typically necessary after you did an auto-segmentation.

  • 2: Buttons for zooming in and out of the Timeline (also possible with shortcut CTRL + Scroll).

  • 3: The different Layers that are being displayed in the Timeline: On the image above there is one Segmentation-Layer - 4 - and three Screenshot-Layers, where the first one shows all Screenshots, the second layer shows the one taken by hand, and the third one shows the ones that were automatically generated.

  • 4: Below the Segmentation Layer are the clickable icons for two useful tools:

  • The locking Tool lock_tool is for disable the possibility of changing the segmentation - if it is red, you cannot manipulate Segments.

  • The Classifying Tool classify_tool is useful if you want to quickly classify in the timeline certain Segments - this is espacially handy if you want to classify several successive Segments with the same Tag (see image below), which is more cumbersome using the Classification widget.

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The Classification inside the Timeline of VIAN.

The red bar 1 was achieved by clicking «figurenzentriert» for Segment 1 and then dragging on the level of «figurenzentriert» into Segment 3. When the mouse click is released, all Segments under the red line become annotated with this Tag.

Adding Descriptions to Segments

To add descriptions or notes to a Segment, double-click it, and insert the text you intend to.

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To add multiple descriptions to Segments, enable it under Options >> Use Multi Annotation.

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If you now double-click a Segment, you’ll find an already added description under «0 text/plain» (arrow 1). To add further descriptions, click «New» (arrow 2).

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A new entry in the list to the left will appear. Here you can insert your second description for this Segment. You can also specify the MIME-type of your description or annotation (Text, Citation, URL).

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