If you ran the Colorimetry (which means that the color features for each frame are being computed), you can inspect the color features of the current frame you are at in the timeline.

map to buried treasure

The two visualizations of the Colorimetry along the corresponding frame.

Indicated Information:

  • 1: The Palette-Visualization of the current Frame.

  • 2: The Space Palette-Visualization of the current Frame.

map to buried treasure map to buried treasure

Indicated Information:

  • 1: Mode:

  • Full Tree:

  • Layer:

  • 2: Sorting:

  • Cluster:

  • Frequency:

  • Hilbert:

  • 3: Layer Depth: Defines how “fine-grained” the resolution of the Colorimetry should be. A layer size between 7 and 10 has showed to be most informative.