A VIAN project only covers one media file, however, usually one wants to analyse multiple media files using the same template. This is where Corpora come in.

Essentially a corpus is a template and a list of projects.

Creating Corpora

To create a new corpus do the following:

  1. In the control panel, open the corpus manager.

  2. Go to File/New Corpus

  3. Select an empty folder which should be the root of the corpus, best is to create a new one

Editing Corpus Templates

Once the corpus is created, the corpus manager is activated. A corpus contains an empty template which can now be edited to your needs, all projects later added to the corpus will be kept in sync with this template.

To edit the corpus template, do the following:

  1. In the control panel, open the corpus manager.

  2. Click the Edit Template button to open the template.

  3. VIAN will load the template, which can now be edited.

  4. Setup your template according to your needs.

  5. Press Save Template to apply the settings to all projects in the corpus.

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Adding New Projects to Corpora

New projects can either be added to a corpus by selecting the corpus in the new_project_ dialog or via the corpus manager widget.

To add a new project to a corpus directly in the new project dialog, simply select the corpus in the corpus dropdown menu.

To add multiple projects from movie files do the following:

  1. Open the corpus manager via the control panel

  2. In the corpus manager, go to file/create projects

  3. Select all movie files in the file browser

  4. All projects are created automatically, use the filmography tab in the corpus manager to change meta data.