Exporting Segmentations

To Export the Segmentations of the Project, do the following:

  1. Go to File/Export/Segmentation.

  2. A new Segmentation Export Dialog appears.

  3. Fill out the Form.

  4. Press Export to finalize.



  1. General

    • Path The Path the Segmentations are exported to.

  2. Options Which Information for each exported Segmentation should be included.

    • Annotation Text If the Annotation Text should be included.

    • Frame Index If the Segment locations should be included as Frame Indices.

    • Timestamp If the Segment time information should be included as Formated String (chose format from dropdown).

  3. Include Which Information about the Locations should be included.

    • Segment Start If the Start-Point should be included.

    • Segment End If the End-Point should be included.

    • Segment Duration If the Duration should be included.

  4. Segmentations Select all Segmentations you want to export.

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