Auto Segmentation


Colormetry Auto Segmentation depends on the Colormetry Analysis, which has to be run and finished before the Auto Segmentation can be used. The Auto Segmentation Dialog will inform you about this and gives you the Option to run it.

VIAN allows you to automatically create Segmentations based on either even distribution or Color-Histograms. To create a Segmentation automatically, do the following:

  1. Go to Tools/Auto Segmentation.

  2. A new Auto Segmentation Dialog appears.

  3. Fill out the Form.

  4. Press Run to start the computation.

  5. If you have chosen Color-Histogram a batch-process starts running and a new Dialog will open as soon as VIAN has finished computing.

  6. In the Auto Segmentation Result Dialog, use the slider to check the different Segmentations.

  7. Use Apply Segmentation to create a Segmentation, the Dialog will stay open, so you can create several Segmentations.



  1. General

    • Mode Select the Method to create the Segmentation.

  2. Mode: Even Distribution

    • Mode This can either be Number of Segments, you then have to fill in the n-Segments

    Parameter with the number of Segments you want to create, or Segment Length. In the later case you have to set the Segment Length Parameter to the Length of each Segment in Frames.

  3. Mode: Color Histogram

    • Display every n-th Frame is only a cosmetic Parameter, it defines how many frames should be displayed as preview in the Result Dialog

      and will only affect the performance of the Result Dialog. As such VIANs Colormetry is calculated every 30th Frame. Setting this value to 10 would show every 300 Frame of a movie in the Result Dialog.

    • Cluster Range controls how many different clusterings should be produced to later select from. While one can calculate a huge number of clusterings.

      it is good practice to give a “Good Guess” on how many Segments one would expect, reducing the computation time. i.e. Taking 30 to 60 Clusters gives results later in Segmentations with 30 up to 60 Segments from which can be chosen.

map to buried treasure
map to buried treasure
map to buried treasure