Project Templates

Templates give you the ability to keep specific setups between multiple projects. A Template stores the empty Segmentation, Annotation Layers, Vocabularies and Node Scripts, and can be imported on project creation.

  1. Go to File/Export/Project Template.

  2. The Export Project Template Dialog should appear.

  3. Fill out the Form.

  4. Click on Export to finish the process.



  1. Name, how the template should appear in the “New Project Dialog”

  2. Include, which entities of your project should be exported. (Often you would only want to include the parts relevant for classification, i.e. the Vocabular and the Experiments)

map to buried treasure

The Export Template Dialog

Once a template has been created, it can be used when creating a Creating new Project. If you want to send the template to others, it can be found in folder «templates» in the VIAN directory (normally under «Documents»):

map to buried treasure

The templates folder in the VIAN directory