Creating new Project

Creating a new VIAN Project as follows:

  1. Go to File/New Project

  2. The “New Project Dialog” appears

  3. Fill out the Form



  1. General

    1. Project Name refers to the Name assigned in the Outliner.

    2. Project Path use “Browse” to find a valid save path or insert one into the Text Box. The default path points to the project-directory in the VIAN-directory.

  2. Template

    1. If intended, select a Template from the DropDown menu. This Template will support you with its Vocabulary - often it is more convenient to adapt a existing Vocabulary to one’s own needs than to build one from «scratch».

  3. Media Descriptor

    1. Choose an appropriate Media Name.

    2. Select the Media Path, where your target Movie is located.

    3. If intended, assign a Media ID to your Movie

    4. Assign a Year to the Movie

    5. Select a Source

map to buried treasure

The “New Project Dialog” of VIAN.