A Plugin is the most basic class you can implement. Essentially a Plugin is a QMainWindow or a EDockWidget, having access to the current project and the MainWindow.

Subclass the GAPlugin class an put your module into the extensions/plugins and your plugin will be listed in the MainWindow’s menu under tools/plugins.

class, plugin_name='Plugin', windowtype=0)[source]

The GAPlugin is the Base-Class for all Plugins. For creating your own Plugin, subclass GAPlugin an overwrite the GAPlugin.get_window() function. Access current Project by using GAPlugin.get_project().

__init__(main_window, plugin_name='Plugin', windowtype=0)[source]

Initializes a Plugin.

  • main_window – The VIAN MainWindow.

  • plugin_name – The Name of the Plugin

  • windowtype – The returned WindowType, specified in This should be a variant of GAPLUGIN_WNDTYPE_*


This function should be overwritten shows your Plugin-Window. This can either be an EDockWidget or a WMainWindow. (Specified accordingly to the GAplugin.windowtype) :param parent: