To implement your own Analysis, subclass the IAnalysisJob Interface and add your class into the extension/analysis/your_package/ folder. Your analysis will then automatically appear in the Analysis/Extensions Menu of the MainWindow.


Once the user has triggered the Button in the MainWindow menu, following process will take place:


  1. A Dialog Appears where the user can select all targets and additional Parameters defined by your function.

  2. On Accept, the analysis will take place as follows:

3.1 IAnalysisJob.prepare() will be performed, where you will pack all information needed into a list.

3.2 IAnalysisJob.process() will be performed in an external Thread. All information packed in the last step will be available for you, and no more!

3.3 IAnalysisJob.modify_project() Once the process() function has finished the Thread will be destroyed and the your result will be sent back to the Main-Thread into the IAnalysisJob.modify_project() function. Here you can perform any modifications to the Project if necessary.

  1. You Analysis will be stored in the Project


If the user triggers the Visualization, a new QMainWindow or a Webbrower will be opened and all results of your analysis will be handed to the widget, or url in case of a webbrowser.

map to buried treasure

The AnalysisDialog, note the Widget beneath Parameters is returned by IAnalysisJob.get_parameter_widget()


map to buried treasure

The Preview Widget as shown in the Inspector when an Analysis is selected. Here as a QWebView