Important keybindings, listed according to the binding key.

Note that CTRL equals ⌘ on Mac.

Most bindings with the CTRL-key are the same as in other programs as well:


  • C     Copy

  • D     Create new Segment (up to the cursor in the Timeline)

  • E     Set end point of new Segment

  • F     Take Screenshot

  • S     Save

  • V     Paste

  • W     Set start point of new Segment

  • Y     Redo

  • Z     Undo

  • Scroll Zoom In/Out of Window the cursor is in (functions not for all windows, but e. g. the Timeline, Screenshot Manager etc.

Most bindings with the ALT-key relate to windows and widgets:


  • H     History

  • I     Inspector

  • M     Task Monitor

  • O     Outliner

  • P     Player

  • S     Screenshot Manager

  • T     Timeline

further keybindings:

  • CTRL + SHIFT + F Search project (Annotations, Descriptions, etc.)

  • DEL     Delete Element (Segment, Screenshot etc.)

  • Space   Play/Pause Movie

  • F10     Toggle StatusBar

  • F11     Full Screen

  • + Slow up video playing speed

  • - Slow down video playing speed