Make sure you have at least the following generations of OS, or newer:

  • Windows: Windows 8

  • MacOS: High Sierra

  • Ubuntu: 16.04

The following Software Tools need to be present (if not, normally they are being installed during the installation of VIAN):

If you install VIAN manually (without the installer from the homepage), the following Software Tools need to be present:

  • python3

  • VLC 64-bit Version

Movie Files

Before you start a new Project, consider the following points concerning video format, computational resources etc.: VIAN handles a wide variety of film codecs and container (file) formats. However consider following important notes regarding the movie file.

  • We test VIAN with h264 and h265 encoded .mp4 movies.

  • h264 ensures performance of VIAN, however the compression has an impact on the movie quality

  • h265 ensures a good quality, may however effect the performance of VIAN depending on your computer

  • (detail) Make sure that the compression method does not include skipped frames

  • (detail) Movie and audio channel have to have the same length

System Requirements

Depending on the Task and tools one plans to use, VIAN requires different amounts of resources.

Minimal Requirements:

  • 5 GB Disc Storage

  • 8 GB Ram

Recommended Requirements:

  • enough Disc Storage for your usage (depending on how many / which films you want to annotate, there might be a lot of disk space needed)

  • 16 GB Ram