Developer’s Guide

Welcome to the Developer’s Guide to VIAN. The following Sections are devoted to explain the fundamental programming interfaces for extending VIAN’s functionality.

In a nutshell there exist three different interfaces to implement your own functionality into VIAN:

Deciding which Interface to use

Depending on what method you want to implement, choose on of these Interfaces.

Plug-Ins are allow you to implement your completely own idea, the plug-in interface will give you access to the VIAN Project. As such, Plug-Ins should be used if neither of IAnalysisJob and Node will do.

IAnalysisJob will give you the possibility to implement your own analysis procedure, which the user can call. Such an implementation contains an Procedure and a Visualization of the yielded result.

Node a node is the most basic implementation, which allows you to enrich the functionality if VIAN’s Node Editor.