The Classification Window is the tool for annotating the Objects with the corresponfing Vocabulary you intend to. In order to be able to perform this task, two steps must already have been performed:

  • The Segmentation of your movie and

  • The Setting up of an experiment

map to buried treasure

The Mask before starting a Classification.

Indicated Information:

  • 1: Experiment: Choose the experiment (i.e. the Vocabulary and Objects) you want to use to classify your movie. If you have not set up an Experiment yet you can define one HERE, or you can select the ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors (if you selected its template when starting a noew project) which already has Objects and a corresponding Experiment pre-defined.

  • 2: Mode: Select the Mode in which you want to carry out your Classification; which means, either you select the Segments manually (you click on them in the Timeline), or you classify them sequentally (as seen in the image below).

  • 3: Sorting Method: TO DO

After you’ve specified the required Settings, you will be prompted with a screen that looks like the following for carrying out the Classification:

map to buried treasure

The Classification in progress.

Indicated Information:

  • 1: The Button on the left Previous for going one Segment back, the button on the right Next for proceeding to the next Segment, the Indicator in the middle, on which Segment one is at the moment.

  • 2: The Area with the Objects and the Vocabulary to classify them. In this case, the Global Object is going to be classified with regard to its Location concept from the Location/Time Vocabulary.

  • 3: The Location concept is being searched for the term summer.

  • 4: The Progress Bar, indicating to what percentage the Classifiaction is done.

  • 5: The Segment one is at at the moment, the Cursor jumps automatically to its center, so a representative Frame of the Segment is displayed in the video_player.

  • 6: The yellow dots indicate that a segment has been classified.