Exporting Screenshots

Creating a new VIAN Project as follows:

  1. Select all Screenshots you want to export, (Or None if you want to export All)

  2. In the Screenshot Toolbar, select Export Screenshots

  3. Fill out the Form



  1. Folder The Folder the Screenshots are exported to.

  2. Nomenclature Use the Drop-down menus to define a nomenclature.

  3. Override Visibility By default, the Screenshots are exported as shown in the Screenshot Manager. Thus, Screenshots with the Annotation visible will be exported with Annotations. Check this, if you want to set the Annotation Visibility for all exported Screenshots. Use the Visibility Checkbox to control whether the Annotations should be exported or not.

  4. Image Type Specifies the Image Format. (Either .png or .jpg)

  5. Quality IN JPG Images, the quality refers to the export quality of the images. Higher quality leads to larger size. In PNG Images, Quality refers to the compression level of the Images.

map to buried treasure

The *Screenshot Exporter” Dialog