Classification of entities in one’s film is often a core task in many projects. To perform a classification, you need to have the following steps accomplished:

  • Created the entities on which you want to perform a classification (Segmentation, Screenshots).

  • Created/Loaded the _vocabulary with which you want to classify.

When the above listed steps have been performed, you are ready to carry out a classification. To do so, VIAN offers two ways, in which this can be done:

1. Using the Classification Widget

The regular Classification offers different modi on how you want to step through your movie (sequentially, only considering one entity, etc.). This is the standard way of doing classification in VIAN.

This approach is recommended if you:

  • Only want to classify certain entities in your project, instead of all. (For example, you might only be interested in one particular scene of the movie.)

  • Your entities include Screenshots.

2. Classifying directly in the Timeline

The other way is to classify directly in the _timeline:

If you click on the checked Box icon in the Segmentation Layer you want to annotate, the vocabularies are being expanded below it. To toggle the Segmentation Layer, click the lock icon - this is especially useful, if your vocabulary is large, and/or you want to rely on annotation information which is visible in the Segmentation. For annotating a Segment with a certain key-word, identify the keyword in the expanded vocabulary tree and simply click on the corresponding Segment.

This approach is recommended if you:

  • Want to quickly annotate contiguous Segments

  • Stay in the Timeline (i.e. not change to a different widget)

  • Do not want to annotate Screenshots (for the moment)

map to buried treasure

The Mask before starting a Classification.